Frequently Asked Questions



How do I know what size set I should order? / How do I find my size?

  • Refer to our Sizing Guide section which can be found at the top of the site
  • or you can add our Minxy Fit Kit to your order today and get samples sent right to your door. You can use them to measure and ensure the perfect fit for all your future orders. 



What if my Measurements don't fit any of the Pre-set Size Options listed?

  • No Worries! Simply select the "Custom Size" option when adding to your cart. Then enter your measurements in the "Note to Seller" Section during Checkout. We'll Custom make your sets to fit you perfectly!



How long will my Minxy Nails last?

  • Prepping your natural nails is vital! Wear time depends on how well you prep your natural nails before application, your choice of adhesive, and your daily use. The key to longer wear time is prepping your nails with the supplies included, and avoiding long term exposure to water and manual labor.
Gel Tab Adhesive can hold anywhere from 1-3 days and are perfect for temporary wear and special occasions. 

Double sided Gel Tabs are available upon request. Please let us know in the Note to Seller Section if you'd like a sheet included with your set. 

If using Glue your nails can last anywhere up to 2 weeks or longer!

Never continue to wear nails that are lifting as it can become a source for bacteria to breed. Remove lifting nails, then clean and dry before reapplying. Specialty nails or nails with 3D designs are delicate, so take extra care when wearing.


Are the Nail Sets Reusable?

YES! All of our Custom Press-on nail Sets are reusable. Because your nails are made with Quality salon products, they are strong, durable and make to last! Proper removal and Care are vital when handling your Nail Sets. 

When using Gel Tab Adhesives, simply clean off the used adhesive tabs from the underside of the nails and reapply when needed. 

When using Glue, use the included nail removal tool to gently remove your nails. Once removed, you will want to softly file away any excessive glue from the underside so the next application will lie smoothly.

With proper care of your Minxy Nails, you can wear and reuse multiple times! Keep your nails safe in the beautiful storage box and adhesive strip provided.



How do I apply my Nails?

Use glue or double sided gel stick pads. Use both for extra hold.

Prep your nails with the items included in your Nail Prep Kit (included in orders with regular nail sets)
1: Clean and dry your hands and nails
2: Push back cuticles
3: Clip or file and shape natural nails
4: Use included alcohol wipes to dehydrate the nail beds
5:  Glue/ Stick nails on one by one, pressing and holding for 15-30 seconds to ensure hold
6: Avoid water for the next hour

TIP - Using a nail primer is useful to dehydrate the nail bed prior to application. Sally Beauty offers a variety of primers and nail adhesives. 




How do I remove my Nails?

Be patient and gentle when removing your Minxy Nails so you can protect your natural nails and preserve them!

To remove nails, soak hands in warm water for 10-15 mins. Using the included nail removal tool, slide the pointy flat side to slide around the edges of your nails, gently lifting the edges. Then with the floss side of your tool, slowly slide the floss between your natural nail and your Minxy Nail. NEVER PULL OR RIP your Minxy Nail OFF. If you experience discomfort stop and try soaking your hands longer, before trying again.
Once the Nails are removed, put them back on the included adhesive strip, and tuck them back into your beautiful storage box for later reuse! Collect and expand your nail wardrobe!



How long before I receive my Nails in the mail?

Processing for each item varies, however most hand made sets are listed at 1-2 weeks. Orders including only Basic Collection Sets may be expedited or an attempt will be made, if possible. (EXCLUDING weekends and holidays.) Orders placed after 7 P.M. Eastern Standard Time will be received in my studio the following business day.

Your Custom Minxy Nail sets are handmade to order, and processed in the order received. For quicker processing consider purchasing a "Rushed Order" listing, if available. (This listing is limited and may not be offered during high season)

Also, consider purchasing a set from my Ready to ship line(When available). These sets are good to go and are pre-made for faster ship time! They can sometimes ship next day!

SHIPPING is determined by USPS shipping time tables.



Do you offer bundle deals?

 Yes, we do! When you purchase 2 (or more) Minxy Custom Press on nail sets you will receive 30% off of your third set! Discount will automatically be applied at checkout. 





Your business & patience is greatly appreciated! 

If you have any further questions please use the Chat, Send a message on Instagram or E-mail